May, 2016. Anyone that lives in Hong Kong knows that finding clear, unpolluted and colourful weather is hard to come by, so to find these moments, this film project took us a year to complete. But when these days do arrive, there is nowhere is the world quite like Hong Kong. It's famous skyline is what has made Hong Kong so well known but also, one of the only things people think of when the hear of Hong Kong. What people don't know is that 40% of Hong Kong consists of country parks and nature reserves and that you can find spectacular views and trails only 20 minutes from the city.

November, 2016. Pro skier Wiley Miller visits Gulmarg, India to explore the Kashmirian Himalayas and capture footage for his annual film segment. When he gets to India, however, he finds warm temps, mediocre snow conditions and a heavy military presence near the border of India and Pakistan. He soon realizes that this ski trip will be anything but normal.

It doesn’t take long for Wiley to uncover an entirely different culture of skiing as he bonds with locals via the universal language of sliding on snow.

April, 2016Lucho Dillitos are Colombian's original energy bar. 100% real, un-processed for for athletes. Made from Colombian Guava fruit and lateral sugars. Lucho Dillitos is the ONLY sport energy bar wrapped in a biodegradable leaf. Back to nature and back to simplicity.

Directed by: Robin Lee
Produced by: David Guthrie
Filmed & Edited by: Robin Lee
Script and Narration by: Robin Lee, David Guthrie & Dan Disuye
Athlete: James King