Breaking 60

Breaking 60 | Challenging the Impossible is a documentary about the Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge, a Fat Ass-style trail running event where there are no race fees, no prizes, no medals, no pats on the back for being super awesome. Just a bunch of slightly left field individuals trying to run all four of Hong Kong’s ultra trails ‐ totaling 298km ‐ non stop, unsupported and in less than 60 hours. Each year a small group of runners are hand selected and Breaking 60 explores the personal challenges facing 4 of them. Since its inception, no one has ever gone sub 60.

Directed by: Robin Lee
Produced by: Ben Lee 
Featuring: Andre Blumberg, Stone Tsang, Brendan Lee, Scottie Callaghan, Jag Lanante & John Ellis
Principle Cinematography: Robin Lee & Oliver Chi Ki
Additional Filming: Ben Lee, Nick Ball, Mark Brough, Magpee Ng, Robert Turnbull, Richard Kimber & Lai Chun Hei
Edited by: Robin Lee
Title Design: Schui Baumann