July, 2016. The evolution of OPPO phone's selfie modes and camera capability's since 2011 to 2016.

Creative: Alvin Lim & Greg
Director & Editor: Robin Lee
Executive Producer: Gary So
Producer: Alec Zoeng
DOP: Chi Ki
Assistant Director: Jolyon Cheung
Art Director: Puckish Kristen Noire
Set Stylist and Assistant Art Director: Jane Leung
Casting Director: Kayee Poon
Casting Assistant: Wing Sze Hui & Jim
PA: Chiu Lam & Andy
Hair Stylist: Tam Sing Dennis Tsui Keith Wong
Make Up Artist: Yola Hung Charlotte Chan
Music: Rafael Wiszowaty
Colorist: Arnold Mok & Fung
Graphic Designer: Schui Baumann

know your stars

March, 2016. Want to know your Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Stars a little better? Jump inside to see what weird and wonderful questions they got asked by the general public. Learn something new and have a good laugh while you are at it!

The Hong Kong 7's is the most prestigious rugby 7's tournament in the world, dating back to 1976. It is the highlight of many rugby fans year, bringing  in thousands of spectators from all around the globe. In 2015 I was asked by Kukri Sports to create a 55 second advert to go on the big screen on the stadium and played throughout a 3 day weekend. With the focus being on Kukri's large collection of clothing I tried to show case this, mixing in both rugby and HK elements in a more creative way. It is a huge honour for me to make a video for this event as I have been involved with it since I was 3 years old. 

April, 2017. Kukri Advert for Hong Kong Sevens.

Client: Kukri Sport
Directed by: Robin Lee
Produced by: Robin Lee & Rowena Lee
Camera Assistant: Oliver Chiu
GFX: Georg "Schui" Baumann

April, 2017. HSBC World Of Sport, Episode 3: Jelly Legs

Client: HSBC

Creative Agency: H+K
Director: Ben Lee
Producer: Robin Lee
DOP: Chi Ki