Hong Kong Rugby Tens

April, 2012. Each year, Hong Kong Football Club hosts what can only be described as the best Rugby 10s tournament in the world. Teams from all over the world come to play, many of which have ex international players on their teams either coaching or playing. The standard gets higher and higher each year with this year being no exception. Its a great event leading straight into the world renowned Hong Kong Rugby 7's weekend making it a week of rugby not to be missed


Bali Rugby Tens

October, 2012. 10 years ago, Bali experienced a terrible bombing where 27 people were killed. Many of which were rugby players, fans and friends that had attended the Bali Rugby Fest in 2002. This year I went along to the event to commemorate the 10 anniversary of the bombing and film the event with the boys from Tsunami Sport.

The event was fantastic as many teams returned from 10 years ago and many more joined the festivities. The games were played in great spirit and everyone was having a good time. I had a couple days before the tournament to go see what Bali had to offer and being renowned for its surfing I went to Uluwatu, a popular surf spot which can be seen in the video.


Warrior, MuayThai

April, 2012. Produced a new video for the launch of Warrior's new Muay Thai gym in Hong Kong.


Coca Cola Ad

March, 2012. For every rugby fan, both local and worldwide, the annual pilgrimage to the Hong Kong Sevens is often the highlight of the year. As the last weekend of March draws near Hong Kong whips up into a fever of excitement as the fans descend upon Hong Kong and the local watering holes over flow.

In the weeks prior, I was lucky enough to be asked by Coca Cola to shot a 15-second advert that was to be played on the stadium’s giant screen. It was a rugby themed edit and with friends as the actors this year was a certainly a weekend to remember.


Coastal Fitness

Janurary, 2012. A promotional video for a a friends building business in Hong Kong. None of the athletes are actors - all pain and sweat is real!


Hobbit's Adventure

February, 2013. A short edit under the tag line, "How far would you go..." to into the team and into the perfect rugby kit.