Life Amongst Penguins takes you behind the scenes of the Penguin Rugby Football Club on their journey to retain their 2013 GFI HK Tens Title, but also shows you what it means to represent the club, wether you are a veteran, a rookie, a coach or the manager. You will discover more about the history of the team, the daily life of a Penguin on tour when the rugby isn't taking centre stage and the passion that has made this club one of the greatest touring sides in the world.


Memories of War - The Escape

September, 2013. This is the third and final story of my Grandad's World War Two experience. This story begins where the last one left off, in hospital trying to find a way out.

While in hospital he saw a noticeboard with a message saying "Wanted: British POWs to work in the neighbourhood", so he took the chance and ended up in a farm with two of his friends from hospital. From here it was a matter of finding a way to escape the farm and make his way to Switzerland. Along the way he and his two friends encountered more than a few problems and the tale of his escape is one that leaves a lot of emotion and hardship behind. This is my favourite part of the story, and one I won't ever forget.