OPPO | Selfie Revolution

The evolution of OPPO phone's selfie modes and camera capability's since 2011 to 2016.

Creative: Alvin Lim & Greg
Director & Editor: Robin Lee
Executive Producer: Gary So
Producer: Alec Zoeng
DOP: Chi Ki
Assistant Director: Jolyon Cheung
Art Director: Puckish Kristen Noire
Set Stylist and Assistant Art Director: Jane Leung
Casting Director: Kayee Poon
Casting Assistant: Wing Sze Hui & Jim
PA: Chiu Lam & Andy
Hair Stylist: Tam Sing Dennis Tsui Keith Wong
Make Up Artist: Yola Hung Charlotte Chan
Music: Rafael Wiszowaty
Colorist: Arnold Mok & Fung
Graphic Designer: Schui Baumann