September, 2012. For years my Grandfather wouldn't talk about his war experiences and I was amazed to discover that my Dad only knew the bare bones of his story. It wasn't  until the last few years and only after he started writing his memoirs that he has begun to  (endlessly) tell us all about when he was captured, his life as a prisoner of war, his escape and his experiences in Switzerland.

He might be 93 but tells a good story!



May, 2012. A short hand drawn animation about a Volcanoes day. I started out just wanting to make any animation as I've never done anything like it before. That then developed in to creating a short piece. The idea came out of nowhere and was purely improvised as I got further into the animation.

Was a fun project to do, even when it crashed a few times meaning I had to re-do a lot of the piece again..


Harbour Lights

March, 2012. Kung Hei Fat Choi!

My first Chinese New Year back in Hong Kong for several years. After being in the UK, HK fireworks displays really put their fireworks to shame. The amount of noise being created and the duration of the show (24mins roughly) was amazing! We managed to get to the front row at the harbour as well. Just before the show it rained fairly heavily and some people left so we jumped in and a few minutes later the rain stopped. WIN!

Music: Prelude by Bonobo



January, 2012. I returned to Niseko, Japan after a having a dry week 2 years ago. This year turned out a little different. There wasn't a day without snow and we had the some of the deepest days on snow we may have ever had. A friend from the UK also came to join for a few days at the end and we then carried on after the family had left for another week touring Japanese resorts with Black Diamond Lodge, needless to say it was pretty excellent.

Being able to get the right balance between filming and skiing was pretty tough and this video really doesn't show how much snow we actually got... it was just fun to stop, film and watch everyone cruise through all the powder. I love Japan and will most certainly be going back.

Music: Yeasayer - Madder Red


Summer Docking

Summer, 2011. 2011 was another summer that came and went in Hong Kong in double quick time. A bunch of us went out to some new places I've never been before like the Rock Pools in Sai Wan (Sai Kung), whilst still hitting up the local haunts such as Shek O. My camera came along for the journey too. As always though, we went back to Tai Tam to go bridge jumping as that's always fun. I looked to try some new angles for this edit, but found it challenging with not much space to maneuver, still - got a few.

Looking forward to next year.

Music: Mike Snow - Animal (The Parks Jump Up Remix)



Summer, 2010. I've spent the 2009 & 2010 summers working in Hong Kong and bridge jumping has always been an activity during the summer that has provided much enjoyment. After picking up a the new 7D I thought there would be no better way to test it than by making a short edit of our time there. The edit was filmed at Tai Tam Reservoir over 3 days and at the LRC.

Edited using Final Cut Pro, Cinema Tools and Twixtor for the extra slo-motion - awesome program. Colour Corrected using Final Cut's 3 way colour correction and graded with Magic Bullet Looks. 

Music: Example - Watch The Sun Come Up (Devil's Gun Zeitgeist Remix)