GoPro Skiing Adventures. A teaser of whats to come.

I've just recently returned from Japan on what could probably now be called an annual trip. Other than the people, the culture and the amazing landscapes, ultimately the main reason for my love of Japan is the skiing. This trip has been my forth ski trip to Japan and each year it gets better. Not only does the snow get better each time but our knowledge of the area does too. It makes finding the right spots and knowing where best to go on each particular day that much easier and that much more rewarding. 

I wont get too in depth about the trip as thats what my next post will feature. This post is just a teaser to whats to come. Below is a mini GoPro edit I made the day after we had the deepest snowfall of our lives and it shows. I don't normally make GoPro only edits but I had so much footage I couldn't let it all go to waste. 

For this edit I made it black and white, to make it fit with the song and give it an old vintage feel. My GoPro version seems to have lost quite a bit of contrast and the casing has many scratches which are now visible in the footage. The B&W sort of disguises it too. Its also something I've never tried before and love the outcome!

Hope you enjoy. More to come soon so keep checking back!