The Knickerbocker Glory

For the past year, I've been documenting my Grandfather's story of his experiences in WWII. He has been writing a book and I chose three key points in that book I wanted to document and share. The first two episodes are completed and can be found on my main website here. The third one will be released soon and is shaping up to be quite the climatic story. I will post it up here when its done.

However, this post is about my Grandmother. After filming my Grandfather, my mum came to me with a story of her mother she wanted to be filmed. In comparison its a much more lighthearted story, even though it still contained bombs and explosions. As my mum finished the story, instead of being taken aback by the experience like I did with my Granddad, we both laughed. I wont spoil the video for you, but the ending was not what I was expecting to happen.

With these videos I wanted them to have a very homemade feel. I wanted them to feel personal and while listening to stories from a long time ago, you are seeing what their lives are like today.