How shooting from the water has opened up a whole new side of photography for me

Recently, I have been shooting a ton from the water. Whether it be treading water shooting surf, on a boat or from a stand-up paddle-board I have been getting out there and taking photos. I've been able to do this with my new CMT Water Housing shown below. I will do another post shortly talking exclusively about the CMT Housing and why it was my choice when deciding which one to buy.

5D Mark III CMT Water Housing with 16-35mm Port Attached and 50/85mm Port next to it.

5D Mark III CMT Water Housing with 16-35mm Port Attached and 50/85mm Port next to it.

Originally when I bought the housing it was for all my surf adventures, as I've always felt being on land shooting has limited me as well as removed myself from the action. Being in the water, inches away from the surfers as they shoot by me is such a rush and being able to capture these moment is just too much fun. Inspired by many surf photographers I follow, I decided to bite the bullet and get myself a housing and I'm so glad I did. 

Not only has the housing allowed me to take close up action shots of surfers but its made me think of other ways I can take advantage of being able to bring my camera into the water and get images I would never previously have got. As Hong Kong is so damn hot in the summer my time is often spent in or around the ocean when all you and your friends want to do it be outside, hopefully soaking in the sun and messing about. Before I had to leave my camera behind and miss the action, but now I no longer have to.

Below are a selection of my favourite shots taken from Hong Kong waters, be it surf, standup paddle-boarding, dragon boating, local HK fishing boats or mini 6" waves. Hope you enjoy

Big wave bay, Hong Kong - Although the waves were small that day, everyone made the most of it

Love this shot as he is pointing straight at me down the line. We were very close but he whizzed past me no problem

LaSing Yu with a relaxed bottom turn

Paddle boarding with Ciaran Danielis. First time and already looking like a pro

Heading back in at the end of a session

Steve West navigating over some shallow rocks. 

I love this one as it make me think of an "endless summer". The weather was perfect that day.

One of my favourite photos from the water. Local fishermen battling the wet and wild conditions off from Stanley beach

Local HK dragon boat team training

Over under shot. This shot cracks me up for obvious reasons

Mini 6 Inch waves. Summer surf is pretty non-existent in HK so got to find other ways to entertain yourself.