Level 1 | Filmer Unknown

Each year, one of my favourite ski movie production companies, Level 1, put on a competition called SuperUnknown. The competition is to find the best unknown ski talent out there to come and film with the Level 1 crew in there upcoming movies. This year however, they put on a competition called FilmerUnknown, which is the flip side to the competition and is trying to find the best unknown talent behind the lens. The winner of this competition got to go to Level 1's end of season park shoot, work and film along side Level 1's top film crew and shoot the best unknown ski talent.

The first stage of this competition was to send in a 90 second reel of your best footage with 50% being action sports related (so they know you can film in what they do). On the 1st of Feb, the top 10 finalists were announced and I was beyond stoked when I found out I had made it, especially when they also mentioned there were over 100 submissions... Below was my initial submission

The top 10 finalist were then sent a Sony Action camera, which is a very basic, one dimensional camera used in many action sports due to its small size and ability to be mounted nearly anywhere you want. For those who don't know, its essentially Sony's version of a GoPro - everyone knows what GoPros are. We then had to produce another 90 second video solely with this camera, but the content could be anything you wanted to do. The idea behind this was to level the playing field as no filmer would be at an advantage. Fair game. Below are the 8 finalist videos that were submitted, including my own.

The competition as you can see came up with various different angles, with my personal favourites being the brilliance of Matthew Ballard and the comical Jere Toivonen. 

After almost a month or so of waiting they finally announced the winner of this competition and I couldn't be more stoked when I found out that it was me! To be in the top 10 was an achievement in itself, but to be chosen at the end just made all the effort worth while. I cant wait to go to the shoot, learn and film with the best and be apart of Level 1's next movie. This is without a doubt the biggest achievement I have accomplished, thanks so much to level 1 for the opportunity.