Beginning of a blog and Skiing in Japan

So... seeing as I am increasingly becoming a tech geek day by day, it seems only right to carry on the trend and start a blog. I will use this space for updates on what I am currently working on and sharing some awesome work coming from all over the web. Hopefully this will also keep me on top my work and motivate me to try new things and be creative.

I'll kick right off by going way back to the start of this year. 

Back in January I went skiing on the North island of Japan, Hokkaido. It was my third time back and did not disappoint. I was there over a 3 week period and I think bar 2 maybe 3 days it snowed every other day. It was AMAZING!

Me and my brothers also took a couple tours with Black Diamond Lodge ( which was so good and a whole new experience for us. We went hunting for the deepest snow and biggest cliffs Hokkaido had to offer.

 Below is a video we filmed over the 3 weeks in Japan, my favourite ski video I've done so far. 3 weeks is not long to film everything you want, especially when there is so much snow on offer forcing yourself to stop and set up a shot isn't easy. It was worth it in the end though.