Joe & Charlotte's Wedding

This summer I got the chance to film my first wedding. Luckily for me it was for a good friend of mine in Hong Kong and made the whole experience a lot easier. I felt comfortable the whole day, I wasn't too stressed and the whole experience was great. 

Prior to the actual day I had sat down and made plans on what I wanted to capture and where I wanted to be. I found this very useful however there were still occasions where things happened unexpectedly and I had to react accordingly. Even though you can't plan for these moments I often find them the most rewarding as they are truly unique.  

The wedding was the first time for me to try out some new equipment as well. I had never used a wireless lav mic before, I was testing my new external recorder and although I had used it once before I was really starting to see the benefits of using a monopod in some situations. When things happen so fast you don't have much time to set up each shot, the monopod made it super easy and I was able to squeeze into some small areas that a tripod would never be able to do. 

One unexpected moment was during when the bride and bridesmaids were getting ready. I somehow managed to snap the handle off my tripods fluid head... The thing was old and falling apart already but I never though a bolt would completely snap off in half. The fluid head was still usable but not in ideal shape, luckily I had my new monopod with me to save the day.  

As always, afterwards I find that I say to myself ''I wish I had done that'' or ''damn, I forgot to do this'' but in reality, sometimes not everything is possible.

Below is the highlight reel. For my first wedding I am really happy with the way it turned out and thankfully, the bride and groom were too. Enjoy.