Last night I decided to go out and take a time-lapse of Hong Kong from a new location I had never been before. Its about 2 hours away from where I live so I wanted to go on a day which was worth it. Clear, sunny, all the signs of a good evening. At about 4pm I set of and everything was looking good. However when I got to the spot, rain clouds had rolled in and the picture was looking grim. I thought since I got this far I have to carry on and get to the spot.

After getting lost, walking into many spiders webs and having the torch on my phone die I reached the end of the trail. Nothing... There was no view, only a big bush blocking everything... Brilliant. So I set of back, grumpy at my misfortune and extremely tired. However I got back to a spot with a very nice view, not the one I wanted but was nice enough. I set up and started snapping away. During the shoot I could see flashes of lightning and the heavens opening up on Hong Kong, but where I was was completely dry. In the end the time-lapse I got was not the one I went all that way for, but what I got was just as exciting. Below is a pic from the start of the shoot, just before the rain came through.